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23 February 2011 @ 10:12 pm
Amy Pond - a year (okay, 10 months) in review  
Now that Gallifrey One is officially over, it's time to look back on my amy costumes from this past year. Last April my friend Jenn convinced me to costume amy, and the rest is history! Now it's time to look back on the costumes I finished, the ones that are partially finished, and the ones that I aim to have done for next year!

Costumes I finished

Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone
The first amy costume I finished, and the one that caused the addiction!

Vampires of Venice (Version 1, 2, and 3)

version 1-

Version 1 was one of those "Well.. it's almost good enough" outfits... and for a while it was good enough, but then I got really picky with it.

version 2:

Version 2 was definitely the more accurate version. Changed the tights, skirt, jacket, tank, wig, and belt... most of the stuff!

Version 3-
This became one of those "how accurate can i make it without buying the actual items" things. Version 3 is still in progress - I'm knitting a new scarf. But, for now - New tights (in brown) and new boots (knock-offs of the originals)

Radio Times-

Sort of a throw together costume, but still fun. Now been updated to version 2 with better jacket.

The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang
This was one of my dream outfits, but I feared it would never come true. At the time the jacket still hadn't been identified, and lookalikes were hard to find. So, I sighed and moved on. However, last May an angel messaged me on livejournal with the id for the jacket and an auction on ebay!! IN MY SIZE! I have no idea where she got the ID - we hadn't collectively identified it yet, but she's my hero. <3

Space Florida
Such a cute and easy outfit!!


This was like my ultimate dream costume, and I can't believe I got it done!! I have a new, better (shorter) skirt now, and better shoes, but this costume is going to stay my favorite forever I think!

Version 1

Amy's Choice - TARDIS outfit
Hard to see in this picture, but super comfy. the problem is, not many people get it!

Amy's Choice - Poncho

I only wore it for a tiny bit before I put the makeup on and apparently forgot to get a picture in it. fail.

Amy's Choice - Frozen! Amy
This costume was a sort of surprise costume for Gallifrey One, and I loved it! It came out amazingly perfect!!

Beast Below
This costume I was being a perfectionist on. I didn't like the fabric for the robe that I was using to make it, so I put it off until i could find a better fabric. and then another angel sent me the link to the real robe <3

Vincent and the Doctor
A costume that I kept putting off until I could fight the right jacket. and then I found the right lookalike jacket (yay) and then it got lost in the mail (boo) and then it showed up two days before gally (yay!). Still need to get good pictures of me in this outfit.

The Lodger
Never got a chance to wear this at gally, but it's still fun and comfy!

Another outfit that I got done in time for gally but never got a chance to wear.

What Are Little Boys Made Of
<3<3<3<3 that's all I can say!!

Costumes that are still Works in Progress!

Hungry Earth/Cold Blood - 80%
Still needs the shorts to be shortened, and the holes in the sweater. Uses my new jacket now.

Vampires of Venice Chemise - 80%
Soon! Just needs to be lined and have the neckline finished. I swear I will get this one done one day! (the picture was taken before i finished the sleeve cuffs)

Victory of the Daleks
- 90%
Still on the lookout for the perfect gray skirt... that's the only thing holding me back from having this costume finished! I have everything else (jacket, brooch, boots, shirts, etc)

Costumes I'm planning for this upcoming year:

Wedding dress
I have the shoes and the apple necklace so far, so this costume has a long way to go. it might get cut and pushed back a year for budgeting reasons. We'll see.

Pregnant Amy-
I got a Rory to agree to do mullet!tail Rory at Gallifrey One next year, so mwahahahha. I'll finally get to do pregnant amy- I swore I would only do it with a Rory. This is #1 on my do for this year list.

Pirate Pond-
This one is low on my priority list. we'll see.

Series 6 outfits we've yet to see-
I have a feeling there will be a bunch of these I'll want to make.

All in all, I think it's been a productive 10 months of amy costuming, if I do say so myself. XD

Rachael: Amy Me applewicked0witch on April 7th, 2011 10:56 pm (UTC)
Re: Red Plaid Shirt
Thank you! I got it from Forever 21. It's not the real one, but it's close. I don't think they sell it anymore, but I'll look. ^^ and, thank you!